Our extensive network of contacts combined with indepth market knowledge enables us to provide our clients with a complete property buying service.

All our clients are personally represented throughout by one of the founding principals who will manage the whole process of property search, successful offer negotiations through to exchange of contracts and beyond.

The service in detail:

Property Search & Selection:
We employ a professional property team who make sure that they are the first to hear of suitable properties by reviewing all relevant local/national property publications, by undertaking extensive research for available property on the thousands of internet sites now in existence and by maintaining daily contact with all relevant estate agents.

We also review all our clients’ requirements against our in-house database of over 4,000 private property sellers and property developers with available properties for sale.

Where practical we will also directly target potential properties which are not on the open market on behalf of our clients. This usually takes the form of direct mailings and on occasions a knock on the owner’s door.

We will pre-screen all properties to make sure that you only receive details of properties meeting your specific requirements to save your time and to avoid wasted journeys.

We can also arrange familiarisation tours of the areas of interest by car or helicopter.

“Over 50% of properties sourced for clients to date have been secured before they reached the open market.”

Offer Negotiation – securing properties for the lowest possible prices:
Private Sales : We often identify properties for our clients which are not on the open market or are being privately marketed. Typically there are no estate agents fees to be incurred by the seller and therefore there is usually a better deal to be brokered which is mutually beneficial to both buyer and seller.

In determining an offer negotiation strategy with our clients, we are able to research and advise following identification of comparable price data and inside feedback from our network of contacts.

We will advise on an appropriate method of presenting and packaging an offer on each property, to ensure where possible that our clients are successful in securing the property they have selected.

We can advise on lock out agreements or confidentiality clauses as appropriate.

We believe that clients which are represented by Sands Home Search are treated as preferred bidders in competitive situations and any offers made on properties are looked upon more favourably by the seller/seller’s agents with our representation.

“Over the last 12 months we have achieved on average a 12% reduction to asking price.

Following acceptance of the offer we can assist to arrange surveys, liase with solicitors and generally deal with other ancillary property matters to make sure that the acquisition of the property runs smoothly through to legal exchange, completion and beyond.

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